Jervis Bay and the surrounding area

If you do not have lots of time and want to get away from the city, 2hours and thirty minutes away from Sydney Jervis Bay is a very nice area to visit. Endless sand beaches and clear blue water to enjoy with some amazing views !

Cave Beach


Cave Beach from the Lookout pointImage


According to a lovely man we met on the lookout these birds are called: mutton birds or shearwater ( and they migrate from Russia to  Tasmania (both way depending on the season) at some point during their migration they are exhausted and need to rest so they land on the water. But many of them do not have enough energy to take-off again and died. This is why we saw many of them at Cave Beach one of the beach in Booderee Park and on the site more open to the ocean compare to Murray Beach…It is kind of freaky to arrive on the beach and see so many dead birds and the smell as well is not great, they attract sandflies of course so basically unless you are surfing in the water this beach is not very comfortable…


laughing kookaburra


Red Bellied Black Snake: ( We saw this little fella while walking towards Murrray’s beach, it is not a long snake but a venimous one and we didn’t know. However we were not crazy enough to get too close but now that I know its name and characteristics I do think we were lucky last week end ! You cannot see it on this picture but its belly is red…


The entrance of Murray’s beach in Booderee National Park


Kangaroo passing by on the beach


Murrays Beach


Probably a Diamond Python…not sure after the red bellied black one I did not want to come to close anymore…Image

We were just starting to pack away our camping gear when this fella decided to come and say hello, luckely I did not see him before we went to bed ! Otherwise I would not have sleep at all even though I did only manage to sleep a couple of hours, do not ask me why but the floor and the other people in the camping having a party didn’t help me rest at all. In the morning I woke up seeing two kangaroo fighting each other and it was quite scary these blokes do not joke around ! They stop to look at me and I quickly went back into the tent …


Lac McKenzies in Booderee National Park Botanical Garden we did the 1.2km Lake trail and the views were lovely !


hey look at my face 🙂 Tree around the lake !

Before heading to Sydney we stopped at Kiama to have a look at the blowhole and the town is very cute and windy !


This Hole can blow water up to 60 metres up but when we went there the sea was quite calm however we manage to see how it work and it quite impressive.


Kiama’s Lightouse.


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