Where was I ?

Hey hey I am sure you are all wondering where I was during all this time!! (No I am just joking I am sure most of you don’t really care loool)

After coming back from Australia in December 2014 I didn’t plan any long trips at all. I only enjoyed a family vacation during Christmas time. I went a week in Barcelona and I fell in Love with this city, In December we had 20 degres the sky was blue and the food was excellent. What a wonderful time we had, walking on the streets visiting the museums and the sagrada familia it was very great.

IMG_4430 IMG_4433 IMG_4495

The above pictures are from the park Guell where we went on Christmas day. It was warm and very nice to walk and admire the architecture inspire by Gaudi.P1120765One of the arena in barcelona this one is in the north of barcelona and is now a museum. No more corrida and bulls in the area…

P1120771 The French school in Barcelona.


The pond in the park de la citadelle. After in the evening we went to the beach and had a nice lunch on the way back to our appartment we saw some sand statues.

P1120942 P1120949

You cannot go to Barcelona and not visit the many churches and cathedral in the town. P1120964

The ceiling of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar and the following pictures are a few pictures I took inside the basilica Sagrda Famila. the architecture of the place is amazing and it is a work in progress. The original plans were destroyed during a fire and now the architecture long after Gaudi’s death are working using the miniatures to draw the plans and continue the work. I won’t give you an history classe of the place but the waiting is worth it because once you go inside and specially if you use the headphones you learn so much about the history of each area of the building.

P1130049 P1130056 P1130069 P1130081 P1130082 P1130090 P1130114


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