Whales watching with whales this time !

I wont bother too much with lots of text and so on…just had one of the nicest experience last sunday, I went again to see the whales and this time we manage to see a calve and 7 big whales. The only regret I have is not to have a big lenses enough to share everything with you but I had a wonderful time and I do hope the picture talk for themselves !

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The hunter valley



You are not dreaming I am not in the movie dallas but in the hunter valley ! I went there last saturday to visit and try some Australian’s wine. The scenery were amazing but I had forgotten my memory card. So I had a camera but no memory. I manage to persuade my friend who was tired to lend me her memory card and took some picture with my own camera to share my experience with you! Unfortunately I do not have any picture of the vinery we visited as at this time I hadn’t realise my mistake yet !

Our first stop was at Catherine vale and we were very lucky to found it. On the way we passed so many other establishment but we read on a guide that this place was different and it was. The owner catherine greeted us warmly. We tried some of her wines and she even help us with the rest of our itinerary. Great start of a day and warm welcome from the American owner now living in Australia for more than 45 years ! 

We had lunch in Broke a tiny village with some ‘cowboyish’ character and lot of motorcycles. We even met an Australian’s woman who had just came back from France and welcomed us in Australia in a very polite French. We enjoyed olive oil, lemon butter (I loved it) and finally decided to head towards Wollombi. 




Wollombi is a very tiny place with a huge amount of character and secrets…I loved it and I wish we could have stay a little bit longer there. I could imagine myself riding my horse coming to the village shop to buy some groceries and then heading towards the pub for a chill beer. Before going to the old village dance hall! It was like traveling back in time. We witnessed a wedding and even them had this old school style cars and it was amazing.


We had not time and couldn’t visit the museum but I am sure if one day I come back to Australia I will make sure I go and visit Willombi’s museum. The Prison, the prison prisoners’ exercise yard and all the little quirky things made this place very special !


They had for Halloween a competition of scarecrows and you can see some of them on this page !ImageImageImage

While heading back toward the car, I saw this tiny post advertising a plant nursery and gift shop, the problem when you travel with me is that you may end up walking and waiting a lot as I love to discover everything. I follow the sign (after shouting to my friend to wait for me) and I discover this lovely place own by a lovely lady. She was very friendly we talked and talked but I had to leave at some point but I wish her all the best as a traveler like myself she is full of history and complexity. 



On the way back to Sydney through the scenery road I thought that we were in the south of France. The scenery are very similar and the cows have the same colours !


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Going out

Last friday we decided to go out for a drink and something to eat with a friend. As foreigner we rely a lot on review, traveling guide and website to decide on where to go.

We ended up trying one of the many Australian’s beers available at the HARTS pub (corner of Essex street and gloucester street  in Sydney).

I had a Butcher a light brown beer with an interesting flavour to it. I was afraid it was going to taste like Guiness but it didn’t I was quite lucky ! I did like the atmosphere of the pub it reminded me of London but less noisy and crowded for a friday evening. 


After the Harts we went to the Australian’s hotel where they serve kangooroo and crocodile. To be fair and honest I was a little bit disappointed, first they didn’t have the beer I wanted to try…After asking for two different one we ended up with the 4 Pine Ale not bad but just a shame for such a famous establishment not to have everything they offer on their menu available. Especially the bottle beer…


We decided to share the salted walter crocodile pizza and the Kangaroo Arancini, I thought the Kangaroo arancini was a pizza as well but it was some kind of a mix of kangaroo meat and mushroom deep fried together. You couldn’t really taste the kangaroo…the crocodile it could have been chicken you couldn’t tell the difference really but it was spicy and we were very happy to have the beer to help bring the food down !


After the success of friday night, saturday after spending the whole dya in the hunter valley we came back near where I live and decided to try some Asian’s food. We went into the restaurant with the most Asian’s people in it. I was surprise they offered us some tea ! It was very welcomed as outside it was freezing by now. I went for what I thought was going to be a light option as it was quite cheap. I ended up with a full plate of rice, pork chop and vegetable. I didn’t manage to eat a quarter of it it was huge !!!


To finish this wonderful week end we had some drink in a pub but we wanted to have one last drink at home, but the liquor was mostly selling wine. We had to try these already mix can of drink. I was sceptical at first but it wasn’t that bad and we enjoy our vodka, lemon lime and soda while watching a show on tv.



The hidden gem in the suburb…(yeah I know I should be more creative about my title)



It wasn’t the greatest sunday in terms of weather but I was really glad to discover this tiny bay in the vaucluse area with my friends. It is very secluded and quiet, 10 minutes away from the residential area and it looks quite clean. The water wasn’t clear blue on that specific afternoon but it might be because lots of people had been swimming earlier on during the day. 

They have a tiny sandwich/coffee place at the end of the bay own by two friendly elderly guys and some public toilets and changing room as well. Once you find a secluded area like this one I don’t know why you rush to go to Manly or Bondi. it is so much better over here.

The shark net make sure you won’t get eaten while swimming the only things that could bite you are the jellyfish 😉 or the kids playing on the sands.

On sunday people were celebrating birthdays around the bay and even though they were big group we couldn’t hear them.

Australia is definitely my wonderland I love it !


Day 51

Hahaha trois heures pour entrer dans l’eau qd meme 😉


Day 51

Aujourd’hui, journée repos ! ENFIN !!
Direction la plage, du côté de Vaucluse (oui oui, c’est en Australie) : PREMIERE BAIGNADE !!

(il était temps).

L’eau était froide, mais c’était bon ! Et salé.
Bon, certains trouvent que se baigner dans un endroit avec filet anti requin c’est rassurant, moi pas. Mais bon, il parait que ça fonctionne..

Les feux sont toujours présents mais on en entend moins parler, les pompiers carburent (si je puis me permettre), ils devraient en venir à bout assez rapidement maintenant.

Le père est revenu, je vais pouvoir retourner à mes journées “normales”, ouf !
Mercredi, j’ai fait des artichauts, elle a kiffé sa race ! Elle en a mangé deux et elle s’est mise en tête d’en faire la prochaine fois qu’elle aurait des invités. Ce qui m’a fait réaliser qu”elle ne connaissait pas le principe de la vinaigrette (“tu mets du vinaigre avec…

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I know some of you might be thinking what is wrong with this woman writing a post on fiesta. You are right and wrong I am writing about the FIESTA festival that took place in Darling Harbour last week end (12-13 October 2013).

Celebrating the latin culture with musical shows, dances demonstration and food stands. The festival was welcomed by a really warm weather and lots of Sangria was drunk on the day. 

Here are a couple of shots I took during the day. 




Even though it was very hot people were dancing and enjoying themselves !

Capoera demonstration: