My last couple of weeks in Sydney and surroundings

I have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that I did not manage to find time to update my blog and keep you inform of what was happening in here. A month ago I manage to try for the first time a very special Australian speciality: The famous Vegemite ! Don’t be fool by the picture I did actually enjoy it and I even bought a kar to take back home.



The same evening my lovely host cooked us a wonderful diner and for desert we had a nice and crispy/chewy pavlova…I can still taste it and wish I had more it was amazing !!!

Is this dessert Australian, Russian or even from New-Zealand good question? 😉


The same week end I went with my wonderful host who was getting ready for her swim on Sydney harbour and was training every morning at Dawn Fraser bath one of the oldest swimming pool in Sydney apperently ! Here are some pictures of the swimming pool and Elkington Park just on top of the pool. ImageImageImage

The following week I went to Newtown and fell in love with this area, unfortunately I forgot my camera so I could only take a few pictures with my mobile. It is a really vibrant area of Sydney for those of you who know Camden Town in London it could be compare to it in some ways.



Image While window shopping in Newtown I saw this display on one of the shop window and I was quite ‘surprise’ by some of the articles….

After a couple of drinks, lots of windows shopping we saw this was memorial monument and we were all surprise with the dates on it…my answer was because they are on the other side of the wolrd it took them longer to come back 😉 (but the truth is I need to go and check in an history book to understand why the war ended in 1919 for Australian people.

Image Another vibrant area I only discovered last week end was Darlinghurst some of the name for the shop were just amazing…ImageLick-her-her+ liquor shop….in case you were confused ! Of course they are some gays bar in the area so the shop name was I thought just excellent !Image Overall I had lots some fun in Sydney, I met some very nice people , I do hope to stay in touch with them and hopefully come back to this wonderful city to share some more moments with my new friends. We had a barrel of fun and I cannot wait to come back again.Image

Next stop: Tasmanie !


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